Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Make Gmail Default Email in Windows 7

I want to be able to right-click files in Windows Explorer and send the files to email.  I use Gmail, however, and this presents a problem.  Not using MS Outlook, I get the usual error:

The solution?  The following sites provide answers.  We'll see which one actually provides the best advice.  How can I make GMail my default email client in Windows 7?

The above did not provide any useful answers.  Let's try Google.  No luck there.

The solution appears to be  The software is free for individual use.

Good news, I installed Affixa, which is free, granted it access to my Gmail account, and it worked!  You can right-click on a document that you want email and select "send to email."  Affixa then generates a draft email in Gmail that you can then send when you access Gmail in your browser.  Works for me!

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