Sunday, February 03, 2013

How to Stop Word 2010 From Opening Documents in Protected View

I love Word 2010, but find it annoying that it opens documents in "protected view."  This is what I am talking about, which is what you see at the top of the screen when opening a document:

"Protected View     This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe."

To edit the document you then have to click "Enable Editing."

Before you decide to remove the protected view option, consider why it is there in the first place.  It is actually there to protect you from malicious code embedded in Word documents.  You can read more about the functionality here:

If you decide to disable the automatic Protected View function, provides some great instructions, including a video:

"Launch Microsoft Word, or any of the Office 2010 programs, and go to File –> Options –> Trust Center –> Trust Center Settings.
Click 'Protected View' here and deselect the option that says 'Enable Protected View for Outlook Attachments.'"

For the full article including the informational video, click the link above or here:

Or watch the video by Mr.Amit Agarwal here:

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