Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing is Private: Be Cautious Using Social Media Because Employers Will Discriminate Against You

Privacy is pretty much gone, but why doesn't the government introduce legislation to protect employees rather than letting employers find additional reasons to discriminate?


"...the Federal Trade Commission has allowed Social Intelligence Corp. to perform background checks on the Internet activity of jobseekers. This means that your entire online history is fair game…even if you think they are private."

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Per, "If something job-threatening pops up on Facebook or Flickr or Craigslist in a search of you, Social Intelligence puts it into your file — and it stays there for seven years."

Another article has the great title, "Creepy Start-Up or Sign Of The Times?"  I'll go with the creepy start-up.  Per the article, the company founder is quoted as follows:  "People need to exercise good judgment and understand what they post publicly is public and an employer has a right to know about it."  Yes, and employer may have the right to know it, but how is relevant as to whether or not you can do the job?

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