Thursday, August 05, 2010

News for Law Grads Just Keeps Getting Worse

The news is not good for law grads, which we've already known.  Even the grunt work, or what was previosuly the worst-case scenario, is beginngint to disappear.  The blogosphere is full of bitter law grads describing the nightmare of document review, but if outsourcing continues, as it inevitably will, even this option will not be available to these poor souls.

"At Pangea3, a legal outsourcing firm, Mr. Wheeler manages a team of 110 Indian lawyers who do the grunt work traditionally assigned to young lawyers in the United States — at a fraction of the cost."

Read the New York Times article:  Outsourcing to India Draws Western Lawyers

Never mind the irony of the article title.  This reminds of those bitter IBM engineers that had to train their Indian replacements.  It's like having to dig your own grave.

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