Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bypass workplace firewalls: SSH tunneling for dummies

Franck from Franck's Place posted an excellent how-to some time ago on his blog. Specifically, he provides instructions on how to surf freely at work an bypass idiotic web surfing restrictions. I have quoted Franck's introduction, but will leave you to click the link to view the post in its entirety on Franck's blog.

SSH tunneling for dummies

"More and more, litigation and regulation is forcing companies to restrict what you can do on an office computer. For some people it's now easier to work from home than the office because of those constraints. The irony is that most people also have handheld devices with none of those constraints anyway. And even without any of those, it's very easy to bypass most protection systems.

For example, here is a way to bypass a corporate firewall that prevents you to access certain websites -- not that you should or want to do it. If you follow those steps, you do it at your own risk! But here it is, for educational purposes :)"

SSH tunneling for dummies

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