Saturday, December 08, 2012

On Law School Grades

Professor Paula Franzese has a wonderful piece of writing titled, "On Grades."  The link is below:

Professor Paula Franzese
Seton Hall University
School of Law

Read the whole thing, but here is a good snippet:

"Only you create the reality that your grades represent.  No one else.  View them as
an opportunity for learning, self-knowledge and growth.  Throughout, keep your head
high.  Do not be cruel to yourself.  Beyond a healthy discipline, be gentle with yourself.
Hold tight to your dignity, integrity and belief in yourself.  You are precisely where you
should be.  You have succeeded before.  You are a success now.

Think, act and react as a successful, prosperous and intelligent person would.
Remember that what you think about most expands.  What you think about most is what
you move towards.  Success is more attitude than it is aptitude.  With your thoughts and
attitudes, you are writing your ticket."

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