Sunday, April 03, 2011

What is Trusteer's Rapport Software?

Bank of American recently suggested that I download and install a product called "Rapport" by a company called Trusteer as an added layer of protection against phishing and key logging scams aimed specifically at online banking.

I wanted to do some research on this software and came across an excellent post by Brian Krebs on his blog called, "KrebsonSecurity."  Below is his summary, but I urge you to explore his blog post yourself:

"Nevertheless, I think Rapport would be a decent, low-impact addition to the security of any PC user banking online with Windows. But I’m a bit on the fence about recommending this for businesses, mainly because companies that lose money due to stolen online banking credentials are almost always on the hook for those losses. Increasingly, though, victimized businesses end up suing their banks to recover some of the losses, usually arguing that their banks should have done more to detect the fraud." (Source:  A Closer Look at Rapport from Trusteer, Brian Krebs,

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