Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Report: Former Dallas athletic director stole $112,944 from school - Citizens Voice

Report: Former Dallas athletic director stole $112,944 from school - Citizens Voice

"A report released today by the office of Auditor General Jack Wagner indicates former Dallas School District athletic director/guidance counselor John Wolensky took four times more money than district officials initially thought.

Wolensky was originally charged with stealing $24,683 from the high school student activity fund, football helmet sales and athletes’ meal money. The report from Wagner’s office shows the amount was actually $112,944.

The report also indicates Dallas Superintendent Frank Galicki, who was high school principal at the time the thefts started, knew about the situation and failed to exercise proper control over the accounts.

From July 1, 2001, through February 28, 2009, Wolensky illegally received:
> $55,829.98 in checks he forged endorsements on and deposited into an account he controlled, for the Wyoming Valley Baseball League.> $4,869 from the athletic fund that was supposed to be used as meal money for students.> $52,245.50 from overcharging for the Practice Scholastic Assessment Test.

The report shows Wolensky used the funds for a vacation in Key West, Fla., where he spent $475 at Sloppy Joe’s Bar and paid $5,073 for a stay at the Ocean Key House Resort.

District officials terminated Wolensky in March 2009, shortly before he pleaded guilty to a single count of theft by unlawful taking. Former Luzerne County judge Michael Toole sentenced him to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service.

“We urge DSD to use this report and the evidence discovered in our investigation to initiate all available civil remedies to collect from Mr. Wolensky the remaining misappropriated funds for which DSD has not yet received restitution,” Wagner’s report states.

It also recommends disciplinary action against Galicki. He was out of town on Monday and could not be immediately reached for comment."

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