Friday, June 11, 2010

How much bandwidth does Pandora use?

Updated on 11/3/2012:

"Video watching on Netflix averaged about 335 MB per hour, while listening to music on Pandora used up approximately 54MB an hour."

"If you’re on a 2GB plan, you can listen for 55.8 hours a month. Broken down to a standard 5 day work week, that would be 2.79 hours of music a day."

I want to listen to Pandora at work, but am worried that I may end up using too much bandwidth.  I use Cricket mobile for broadband access at work so that I can listen to music and access sites without hogging up the network at work.  Per a recent LA Times blog post, using Pandora every day for 4 hours uses about 2GB of data [per month]:

"In other words, you'd need to stream about 4 hours on Pandora every day to hit the 2-gig monthly limit."

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