Saturday, November 21, 2009

PDF Editing & Creation: 50+ open source/free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat

Looking for freeware alternatives to Adobe Acrobat? Check out this blog post:

The above link will have links to the following free PDF programs:

These simply and emminently usable programs will allow you to quickly create your own PDFs.

1. CutePDF: Create a PDF file from almost any printable document. CutePDF has an open SDK and doesn’t bog down their software with popups or watermarks.
2. PrimoOnline: The online version of the popular PrimoPDF converter.
3. PDF reDirect: The freeware PDF reDirect offers loads of robust features, including PDF creation, previews, encryption, and more, that go a long way to replacing Adobe.
4. doPDF: Install doPDF as a virtual PDF printer driver, and you can create PDFs using your printer function.
5. CC (Free) PDF Converter: This printer driver can be used to create a PDF file from any printable Windows application.
6. PDFCreator: Use PDFCreator to create PDFs from any printable program, as well as encrypt and autosave files based on predefined terms.
7. Open Office: Open Office has a PDF export feature that allows you to define compression levels as well as handle thumbnails and hyperlinks.
8. Scribus: Use this desktop publishing program to create interactive PDF presentations and forms.
9. HylaFAX: HylaFAX is an open source fax server that can be configured to deliver in PDF.

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