Friday, December 05, 2008

American Express Delta Skymiles Card - Notice of Changes to my Account

I just got a notice in the mail from American Express. Get this, they are making several changes - i.e. gouging their customers - "in response to the challenging environment and the increasing costs of doing business." Here are some of the changes:

APR for cash advances is Prime Rate plus 17.99% for a total of 21.99%

also no more "Always Double Miles" purchases - hey, what is the meaning of ALWAYS?

foreign currency transactions incur a 2.7% charge now.

You know what American Express? In response this challenging environment and the increasing costs of doing business with you I will no longer be using your card.

You credit card companies ripped us off when the times were good, extended to us more credit than was reasonable, and now you want to charge us even more due to the environment that you yourselves created.


An Irritated Consumer


Charlotte said...

I totally agree. I have Blue and they raised the APR to 12.99%. This would make it the highest APR I have. The next in line is 7.90%!! No other card I have is increasing it's APR so I too will be canceling my account with them... They also told me it was the times we are in and probably other cards would follow suit. I don't believe it!

Anonymous said...
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