Saturday, October 04, 2008

Free Software, Programs And Games To Download

Mixture of Freeware and Open Source.

Programs with next to them, are programs that I highly recommend.
Programs with [M] next to them means the program has a Mac version and [L] for Linux.

Internet Security

Optimization And Tweaking Tools

Browser, E-mail Office ect.

Image and photo manipulation And Viewing software

Media Players And Tools

Burning, Ripping And Encoding Tools

RSS Readers

  • FeedReader ( Simple, lightweight aggregator. )
  • RSSOwl [L][M]( Solid cross-platform RSS client. )

IM & VoIP Programs

File Transfer and P2P Programs

  • Azureus Classic [L][M]( Bittorrent client FREE ) Click here for an install guide.
  • Āµtorrent ( Bittorrent client FREE ) Good for low end PC's
  • Wyzo [M]( Bittorrent web browser built on firefox for integrated torrent downloads )
  • Alt.Binz ( Usenet/Newsreader client FREE ) Click here for an install guide.
  • Pando ( File Transfer Program BETA )
  • Ares (P2P FREE)
  • eMule (P2P FREE)
  • Gnucleus ( A very good Gnutella search and download filesharing program. )

TV Software

  • MediaPortal a very advanced Media Center software that can run rings around MCE 2005.
  • XMLTV GUI Grabber [L] Grabs Tv listings from Radio Times
  • GB-PVR Pretty good if you can get it installed, but its not the easiest of programs to get working.
  • MythDora A MythTV distribution built on Fedora.
  • LinuxMCE Very easy to install but needs to be installed on a PC running Ubuntu, click here for the demo video
  • TVUPlayer brings you programs from around the world using P2P technology. There are some good channels like Sci-fi, Comedy Central and Fox
  • ORB Stream your content through any internet-connected device like a mobile phone, PDA, or any other computer
  • Joost[M] you can watch more than 15,000 shows, with more added daily.
  • ted: torrent episode downloader [L][M] Downloads Tv shows from torrent sites and opens them with your default Bittorrent client.

Web Authoring

  • NVU [L][M]( Web Authoring FREE ) click HERE for NVU Manual or HERE to watch an video
  • 1st Page 2000 is an extremely popular, easy-to-use editor for web pages that allows for either direct code editing or a design view.
  • KompoZer [L][M](A more up-to-date bugfix release of NVU FREE)
  • FileZilla [L][M] ( FTP client FREE )
  • Wordpress ( Web Blog Software )
  • ( web framework for python )
  • List of free web hosts


Watch Video's Of Games In Development

3D Software


Operating System's With Pre-Installed Software

  • PCLinuxOS If you are NEW to linux I highly recondmend you to use this distro as it is the easiest to use.
  • Dream Linux A good simple OS that looks a lot like Mac OS X with a good selection of software pre-installed.
  • Sabayon Linux This is the Best Linux OS around just a bit hard to use if you have never used linux before.
  • Freespire Offers optional use of the CNR™ Service to install software and a very nice easy to use distro.

System Monitoring and Information

  • SpeedFan 4.31 monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures.
  • CoolMon
  • CPU-Z allows you to get some information on your system hardware.
  • WinAudit reports on virtually every aspect of computer inventory and configuration.
  • WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool. It is extremely useful for figuring out where your hard drive space is going.

Programing Tools



Freevideoman said...

Great list of software!

Regarding some of the video and image manipulation programs: Avid DV is no longer available and has been replaced by Videospin. DVD Shrink is no longer supported but can still be downloaded.

There are also a large number of other free video editing tools listed at:

Thanks for the list!

Sarin Samuel said...

Digital Media Converter is a excellent freeware audio and video converter software that will convert your files. No adware, and completely virus free. Supports almost any file format and it is a fast converter. It also does batch conversion and perfectly keeps your audio and video in sync.