Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Open DNS

Check out OpenDNS. There are many reasons to use their service including security, parental controls, and because it is free!

Check out the Lifehacker entries on the subject.

Use OpenDNS


PC World: 100 Best Products of 2008

"PhishTank is an information clearinghouse where you can report or find data on phishers, spammers, and anybody else who's trying to rip off nice people on the Internet."

CNET's Webware 100: 2008 Winner

"OpenDNS also lets IT admins get a very high level of control over sites and services its users are trying to access including domain blocking, whitelisting, and content filtering."

PC World: 25 Web Sites to Watch

"OpenDNS speeds up the translation (called 'name resolution') by handling the process on its own high-speed DNS servers."

PC Magazine: Editor's Rating

PC Magazine gave us a stellar "Editor's Rating" review. We were thrilled but we can't show you their logo here or a quote from the story because they said it violated their copyright. They CC'ed people with scary titles so we complied. It's okay, we still love you PC Mag.

Lifehacker: The best apps of 2006

"For anyone whose ISP is cranky about resolving web pages, OpenDNS' free, fast, and huge distributed database of domain names can seriously speed up your web browsing session."

Web Host Magazine: Editors' Choice for Industry Services

"OpenDNS is an interesting concept in managing DNS records. Using a large caching scheme, OpenDNS is able to make Web sites load faster on your browser. OpenDNS also is able to fix common errors when you type in a URL, and it points you to the right URL."

PC Magazine: Top Web Sites of 2006

"It's fast, free, and secure. This DNS service offers speedier browsing (via smart caching and geographic distribution) and protection from phishing sites. The service will even correct typos that you punch into your browser."

Windows IT Pro: Reader Favorite

"Setup of this free service is easy and bulletproof-from start to finish, the process took less than a minute."

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