Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Foliofn in one of the best investing tools available

Smarter Investing for a Smarter Price

For $29 per month, less than $1 a day, you can invest smarter. Trade, customize, rebalance and hold Folios — whole portfolios of stocks, ETFs, and/or mutual funds. And, buy and sell individual securities, all commission-free.

The Folio Unlimited Plan $29 per month

Unlimited Folios

Invest in as many of our 100+ customizable Ready-To-Go Folios as you like, or customize and create your own portfolios

Unlimited Commission-Free Window Trading

Trade Folios and almost all stocks and ETFs1 — commission-free — in our patented twice daily trading windows

Unlimited Accounts

Open as many accounts as you need, transfer personal and retirement accounts to us — they are all included in our one low price2

$3 Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop/Limit Orders

Place orders outside of our trading windows for only $3 per trade

No Minimums

No investment, balance or trading minimums

Basic Plan

If you're not yet ready for our $29 Unlimited Plan — we also offer the Folio Basic Plan that has the benefits of the Folio Unlimited Plan — but with no monthly fee3. Instead, each security traded in our twice daily trading windows is only $4 per trade and all Market, Limit, Stop and Stop/limit orders are $10/trade. This is a cost effective way to start investing in smaller Folios. For example, you could trade a Folio of 5 stocks or ETFs for only $20!

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