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Best Web Conferencing Services


Best Web Conferencing Services

Web Conferencing
Web-based conferencing systems use Internet browsers and servers, specific software selections, and other equipment to allow home-based individuals and businesses to interact with one another.

On the market, a multitude of web conferencing companies offer a wide range of services.

When it comes to the best, a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of top products is necessary to come to a conclusion based upon individual or corporate needs.

In helping consumers locate best web conferencing software and services that cater best to their requirements, a few factors help make the decision much easier to accomplish.

Top 7 Web Conferencing Solutions

In no apparent order, you will find some of the best web conferencing software options on the market, offering a variety of pricing options and convenient features to consider:

1) Citrix GoToMeeting

GoToWebinar - Web Events Made Easy
One of the best web conferencing options is GoToMeeting, where potential buyers may try out services over a free trial period lasting 14 days.

A wide range of features is offered, accompanied by a high level of user friendliness, effortless meeting setups, easy installation of software, and a decent cost.

The latest version of the software also gives Macintosh users a chance to participate, but not organize meetings. GoToMeeting allows consumers to purchase a monthly plan of $49.00 (annual cost of $588) or an annual plan with a savings of 20% ($468).

With one flat fee, the hosting of unlimited online meetings is made possible with up to 10 attendees per meeting. Integrated voice conferencing services are also included.

2) WebEx MeetMeNow

MeetMeNow 14-day free trial; easy web meetings
WebEx produces the MeetMeNow web conferencing software, which is quite user-friendly, with easy software installation and meeting setup capabilities.

WebEx is quite accommodating, as it caters to individual needs, small-to-medium business ventures, and large companies and enterprises. Consumers are often satisfied with the price of the software.

For example, individuals are able to enjoy unlimited meetings with up to 10 participants for $39 per month with an annual commitment or $49 per month without a commitment. This service also provides access to document sharing, presentations, and decent customer collaboration.

3) Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Microsoft LiveMeeting
Live Meeting offers a number of convenient, wide-ranging features with an exceptional range of system requirements, including Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, Windows 98 2nd Edition, Netscape 7.2, Solaris 9 with Netscape 7 (or Mozilla 1.4), and Sun JVM 1.4.2.

Since there are so many features associated with the software, this option may appear difficult for some users, although it is quite easy to set up a meeting.

The price attached to Microsoft Office Live Meeting is often seen as undesirable because it is centered on a "per use" basis. Beneficial features include anytime-meeting scheduling, satisfying interactivity, and an overall increase in productivity.

4) WiredRed e/pop Web Conferencing

Microsoft LiveMeeting
The e/pop Web Conferencing offers high-quality sharing of PowerPoint, documents, desktops, and applications.

Buyers also receive audio and video conferencing capabilities, where consumers may enjoy quick access to web meetings with a full line of features that makes the overall process fast and easy.

The server software installs in under five minutes with clear interactivity. Additional features include enhanced video quality, real-time Powerpoint sharing, and convenient records/playbacks.

Fixed pricing supplies two different purchase plans: hosted services with monthly fees ($350 to $900 on the average) and annual installable software with licenses ($3,000 to $9,600 on the average).

5) Acrobat Connect Professional

Adobe Acrobat Connect
Acrobat offers many different features with their web conferencing software, which accommodates a wide range of operating systems, as well as provides a high–level of security.

Many consumers enjoy the ability of customizing and elevating their functions through the Collaboration Builder SDK. The software quickly helps buyers generate, establish, and track online meetings, trainings, and on-the-spot presentations.

Convenient pay options include software licenses, annual subscriptions, monthly payments, or pay-per-use arrangements.

6) PGi Netspoke Web Conferencing

Premiere Web Conferencing
Customers are blown away with the effective visual presentation, audience involvement, and live feedback associated with PGi Netspoke web conferencing software and services.

Handling anything from small member meetings to large Web debates involving up to 125 participants, PGi Netspoke is ready to offer a wide-range of features including application sharing, Q&A, chat, polling features, rapid agenda transmission, and satisfying demonstration software.

Additionally, a flexible pricing schedule is set to accommodate the varying needs of consumers.

7) MegaMeeting

Megameeting Web Conferencing
When using MegaMeeting, the ease of services is seen through the many different companies and individuals who benefit from the software.

The effective marketing tools allow small, medium, and large businesses to thrive across the Internet. Face-to-face web conferencing, video conferencing services, and VoIP capabilities are just some of the things offered with MegaMeeting.

The price is also decent, as unlimited meetings are supplied for $75 per month. Additional features include the allowance of up to 16 simultaneous video participants, free integrated toll conference calling, unlimited logins, and the ease of not having to deal with contracts.

Weighing the Pros and Cons Of Web Conferencing Companies

When scanning the benefits and setbacks associated with a particular web conferencing company, you may base your final decision on budget, while another will spare no expense for decent operating system support. Each decision is based upon individual expectations and limitations.

To date, web conferencing companies may offer their services for free, while some costs thousands of dollars to acquire. The operating system often becomes a concern of buyers, as numerous selections cater to Unix servers and most Windows servers, while Macintosh users face limited choices.

A buyer may analyze the compatibility of web conferencing options with other environments, as well as the level of administrative capabilities.

Browser support, search and filter tools, access control, speed, host tools, overall level of performance, and the ability to customize are also additional elements and factors that influence a final web conferencing selection.

Overall, what makes a decent conferencing system for one does not necessarily translate into the same for another. It is important to remember that there is no one single solution that effectively satisfies the demands of all.

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